An injustice of martin guerre being unpunished

The Prom will officially open on West 48th Street, N. A pair of studios open duelling movies about asteroids headed toward Earth, or the life of Truman Capote. But the world of musical theatre is not immune to cases of creative coincidence — and Broadway currently has one of the strangest ones in its history on its hands. Three new musicals about queer teenagers fighting to be included in their high-school proms all have their eyes on the Great White Way right now — two written or co-written by Canadians.

An injustice of martin guerre being unpunished

The yearning for fairness is something that seems to be implanted in us at birth, and becomes vivid when we grow to awareness of the social world beyond ourselves. From the time we are small children we keenly sense when others have not been fair to us, whether preferential treatment is given to others in the midst of game, when we are unjustly blamed for something we have not done, or when we receive less than our rightful share.

This powerful desire that the world and those in it be fair is a longing that remains with us for the rest of our lives and colors the texture of our experiences every day. Where this need for fairness comes from is subject to ongoing, and perhaps irresolvable debate.

Some argue that there is an innate moral sense in all of us that imposes the template of fairness on our world and our life experience. Children seem to know almost intuitively when they are not being treated fairly, without taking a course on ethics, and without extensive life experience.

Growing Racial Tensions

In a similar vain, and with a Darwinian twist, some theorists maintain that fairness is hard wired into the species as a mechanism to promote social cooperation which is necessary for group survival. Without the regulator of fairness, anarchy would reign and social groups would quickly perish.

Likewise, others might argue that the need to be fair is pragmatically necessary in that it is a precondition for social order and peace. A world in which there is little or no fairness, or there is little hope for fairness, is a highly unstable world that invites perpetual rebellion and violence.

Some might look at the call for fairness as being tinged with skepticism. For it is assuredly better to call for fairness in the hope that you will get half a loaf rather than no loaf at all — and sound high-minded at the same time.

MLK Jr.’s commandments for cultural change

Whatever the origins of fairness in the human experience, it something that all people, both sophisticated and unreflective alike, need very badly, long for, and seek to achieve for themselves and for others, often passionately.

As we grow from being children to adulthood, one of the most painful, chronically frustrating realizations we confront is that life is not fair. Frequently our deepest longings go unmet. It is as if God has played a cruel joke on the human species.

On the one hand, He has created human beings and planted in their breast a deep longing for fairness. On the other, He has fashioned a world which is unfair, ensuring that there is a cosmic disconnect between the natural longings of humanity and the world in which he has been placed, like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces that do not properly fit.

An injustice of martin guerre being unpunished

Unfairness cuts at least four ways: There is unfairness large and small, and unfairness which is created by human beings as opposed to those acts of unfairness that befall us by nature. On the small side, we all know what it feels like to be slighted or unrecognized or uncredited by another for something we have accomplished.

We know what it is like to be deceived, duped, lied to or manipulated by another person, in the small, everyday circumstances of life.Such an injustice is an insult to the efforts of Martin Luther King, Gandhi, the American Founding Fathers, and all who have stood for freedom and fundamental human rights.

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The official investigation of the USDOJ prosecutors continued at a snail's pace, and appears to be wrapping up with evidence of criminal misconduct that will go unpunished. Children seem to know almost intuitively when they are not being treated fairly, without taking a course on ethics, and without extensive life experience.

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Poe's Theory and Practice Reflected in The Cask of Amontillado Edgar Allan Poe, author of "brilliant reviews, poems, and stories," was born in , and sadly died, a young man, in ().

Amid a flurry of real-time observations from within the Oval Office, the reporter, Zeke Miller, had written that the bust of Martin Luther King Jr., appeared to have been removed.

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