Apple s future prospects

While the Cupertino, Calif. Expectations for the device's sales are especially heightened this year.

Apple s future prospects

He is now doing web programming for a Silicon Valley startup and "can now watch a Macworld Keynote without stressing out that everything works". David Sobotta worked at Apple for nearly 20 years, leaving in as director of federal sales. Mike Evangelist has been in the Macintosh business since He is trying to write a book about his time at Apple called 'Jobs I've Known', but 'paying the rent' keeps getting in the way.

He now runs Red Sweater Software. Michael Gartenberg is consumer electronics analyst for Jupiter Research. Adam Engst is the editor of the influential TidBits site, and has repeatedly been named one of the most influential people in the Apple ecosystem.

So far all Delicious Monster's staff, except himself, have subsequently been hired by Apple. Gus Mueller is the founder of Flying Meatan independent software company in the Pacific northwest that develops exclusively for OSX.

John Gruber writes Daring Fireball, one of the most widely read Apple-following sites.

Apple s future prospects

We're due for laptop refreshes. The really tiny super-portable seems likely, but probably with some kind of "steve" twist.

It won't just be a "road warrior" box, it'll be something more than that. I'm intrigued by the recent link for dockable portable in the iMac-like system.

It may be premature, but it seems to me the combination of a really light-weight box with a docking environment would be wonderful - hearken back to the days of the Duo and the Dock.

It would also remove some of the push by some folks for an updated Mini.

Apple s future prospects

I continue to think the Mini is done - but I expect to see a refresh of the Apple TV that both adds significant functionality and moves it into the space the Mini used to own.

There are rumours that Apple will support it and ship readers for Blu-ray. And if anyone can market it to consumers as to why they should care, Apple can. Biggest news will be in the iTunes area, with rentals.

Extra bonus points for it to also be a front end for NetFlix, but I'm not holding out too much hope but it'd honestly make sense for both sides to do that, and the timing of Netflix's announcements in this space make me wonder if there's more to their story than just the Set top box I keep thinking there's one new piece of software coming out nobody knows about yet.

How about an Airport update to go with I think we will see a laptop update from Apple.Apple Inc. (AAPL) Future Prospects Are Brighter: Cantor July 23, at pm by Marie Cabural Cantor Fitzgerald analysts Brian White and Isabel Zhu said the future prospects of Apple “have never been better” after delivering its financial results for the third quarter.

Shares Rebounding

Find the latest earnings growth forecast for Apple Inc. (AAPL) at Hot Topics: How data is making the U.S. stock market more open for all .

During Apple’s earnings conference call, CEO Tim Cook said that Apple had acquired 15 companies during the year.

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They were mostly small companies that fit with the overall future plan for Apple. Getting the first chance to react to Apple’s latest results, the mood among Wall Street analysts remains largely upbeat, but the obsession with the next iPhone remains.

Apr 22,  · Apple’s future growth prospects are absolutely stunning Friday, April 22, · pm · 24 Comments “Apple will have its first year-over-year sales decline this quarter.

May 19,  · Speaking today at a press preview of the location, Apple's senior VP of retail Angela Ahrendts says the new outlet sets the standard for the future of Apple commerce.

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