Brand positing of bata

Company History - Bata India Ltd. The Company Manufacture and market of all types of footwear, footwear components, leather and products allied to footwear trade.

Brand positing of bata

Less than 10 years later, Bata produced pairs per day, employing resourceful imaginations, skilled hands and modern machinery to keep up with demand.

Innovative shoes styles were developed with new customer-sensitive ways to promote them. Positioning is done in-order to locate the brand in the minds of the customers, which in-turn increases the benefits of the company.

Positioning results in customer-focused value proposition.

Brand positing of bata

The positioning is done with respect to the brand and product portfolio. Positioning strategy is done by identifying the possible competitive advantages through which a company can attain sustainable position in the market. Bata always aims to be sustainable in the market and it has proved it over years.

The company has taken various steps to increase its market share, some of them are renovating its already existing stores, opening new stores in sub-urban places and the main strategy which is followed by the company is high quality and low price.

This has made the company sustainable for more than seven decades in India. The company will follow the same strategy for the new product Power-Lite. On the other hand when looking into the market for the products from Nike, Puma, Adidas and Reebok, they charge a huge amount for their sports products.

The cost of shoes from Bata is relatively low, when compared to others. There are few local manufacturers who produce the replica of the branded products with low quality and low costs. This makes the customers feel unsatisfied.

Bata is already filling the positional gap in the market following low price and high quality strategy. This new product also comes under the same category, which adds value to the impression given to the customers in relation with the competing product.

The low price and high quality strategy works well in the Indian market as it is a developing market. Leading competitor in the popular segment of the organized market Apex Shoes. Other organized sector players are liberty shoes, Baly Shoes, Woodland, Pagasus.

Most global players like Adidas India, Reebok, Nike, etc are operating through their Bangladeshi subsidiaries with main focus on premium sports shoes segment, which has an insignificant volume share.

Brand positing of bata

Competition is hotting up in the domestic market due to popular brands such as Gaitonde, Red Tape, Lotus Bawa in the illegal and smuggling of these shoes. These brands are gaining market share especially in the premium segment.

Master-brand Positioning Tool for Bata: A shoe for a very Occasion. Venality, Trust, Value for money. Tour personal footwear guru, Every sale is a relationship.

To provide footwear for every member of the family for every phase of life. Wide variety, Batter customer experience, Quality footwear. Comfortable, Value for money, Older brand in Bangladesh.

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A trustful leader in footwear that shrives to evolve itself with changing times to offer a wide range of variety to customers.BATA CURRENTLY. sq. Over retail stores in cities 38 new stores in 3rd quarter of Largest store of ft is in Borivili.

BRANDS OF BATA.. SEGMENTATION. Segmentation – Basic Segementation Bata Footwear Men Women Kids -Ambassador -Mocassino -Weinbrenner -Marie Claire -Naturalizer -Bubblegummers/5(5). Bata had become a need terms of the needs, Bata was in a way successful in positioning itself as a brand having stores with products to meet the needs of almost all members of the family, since it had product ranges for children, men, women etc.

Till the s, Bata enjoyed an almost monopolistic position in the organized footwear market. Different Bata Brands cater to different market segments.

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Buscar marcar como no útil. BATA Marketing(Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning, Differentiation) Cargado por Mangesh Ahire. Here how bata has targeted different market segments can be seen.

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Bata is an Iconic Brand that has grown with the footsteps of this Country to gain the Leadership position. It is a combination of tradition and continuous innovation to connect with the emerging new consumers that is redefining BA TA and your company is poised to be future.

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