Confucius argumentative essay

A thinker of unmatched influence in Eastern civilization, Confucius was a teacher and minor government official whose philosophy has been preserved in the Lun-yu The Analectsa collection of sayings attributed to him and his disciples.

Confucius argumentative essay

Confucius Essay - Paper Example Confucius Essay The history of Chinese civilization spans thousands of years and encompasses countless ideas, beliefs, and societal and political doctrines - Confucius Essay introduction. However, from a modern standpoint one distinct perspective prevails above the rest in the manner and degree it has influenced the development of China.

For the previous 2, years the teachings of Confucius, and the systems of thought and behavior that have evolved from them, have had significant effects on Chinese thought, government institutions, literature and social customs. Confucianism has served a primary role as a social and moral philosophy and as practiced by many, especially in the educated upper classes, Confucianism had definite religious dimensions.

The teachings of Confucius served to unite a developing society, binding together various aspects of Confucius argumentative essay and culture into one coherent body that functions under common values and attitudes.

Confucius sought a type of all encompassing unity for the world and for his people; his wisdom was intended to serve as guide. Be steadfast unto death in pursuit of the good Way. Do not enter a state which is in peril, nor reside in one in which the people have rebelled.

Confucius argumentative essay

When the Way prevails in the world, then show yourself. When it does not, then hide. When the Way prevails in your own state, to be poor and obscure is a disgrace; but when the Way does not prevail in your own state, to be rich and honored is a disgrace. Before endeavoring to understand Confucianism and its connection with China, it is necessary to develop and understanding of China in the pre-Confucius era, in which this philosophy evolved.

The most ancient evidence of Chinese religious and social civilization dates back to the Shang dynasty, circa B. In this early agricultural society, there is evidence of some of the basic fundamentals of most Chinese religious thought; the pursuit, establishment, maintenance and enjoyment of harmony in the earthly world.

During the Zhou dynasty — B. The Zhou quest for harmony and order led to the development of some extremely crucial concepts that would directly effect the development of Confucianism.

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It was in this era that the notion of Tian, the force that can be best understood as heaven, first came to light. This later led to the conception of the idea of the Mandate of Heaven Tian-ming from which rulers derived all power and sense of legitimacy, due to the accordance of their behaviors with the norms of morality and ritual correctness.

In connection with this, the relatively stable feudal society of Zhou era was responsible for the emergence of the tao. This principal made cosmic order and harmony possible; the tao can be thought of as the road or path from which come perfect unity, harmony and order.

This idea played a critical role in the development of Confucianism and dramatically affected the course of Chinese development.

In the eighth century B. This led to the disintegration of Zhou rule and the creation of a number of contending smaller states hoping to re-unify China under a new dynasty.

This serious breach in the structure of society and the disharmony that prevailed led to new movements of thought. The sages of this time felt strong aspirations to find solutions to the numerous problems that surrounded them.

It probably is for this reason that the six-century B. Foremost in this era, Confucius was born.Confucius Essay - Confucius Confucius is the founder of Confucianism.

The name "Confucius" is the Latin name for Kong Qiu-zi. Confucius was born in the village of Zou in the country of Lu in BC. He was a poor descendant of a disposed noble family. Jul 12,  · View and download confucius essays examples.

Confucius argumentative essay

Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your confucius essay. - Confucius Confucius is the founder of Confucianism. The name "Confucius" is the Latin name for Kong Qiu-zi. Confucius was born in the . The Life And Work Of Confucius Philosophy Essay Confucius ( – BCE), was a thinker, political figure, educator and founder of the Ru School of Chinese thought.

Confucius was born at Shang-ping, in the country of Lu. The Analects of Confucius study guide contains a biography of Confucius, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. By providing this outline, the text makes an argument for their relationship, but more importantly illustrates how the moral attitude of a gentleman is manifested.

Confucius Essay Confucius is the Latinized form for Kong Fuzi (K’ungfu-tzu) which means Master Kong in Chinese.

He came from a minor noble family from the state of Lu in modern Shandong (Shantung) Province, which had been founded by the Duke of Zhou (Chou).

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