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Share blog Throughout my 10 years of Catholic education in high school and in college, the guidance I received from teachers filled with faith was incredible. To this day, I can still hear the voice of my 11th grade history teacher singing the psalms during all school Masses. Their efforts to incorporate the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church into my daily life did not go unnoticed.

Essay catholic school education

Similarly, primary teachers need to think about the kind of religious education that can be carried out in primary schools. The chapter closes with some suggestions for the curriculum of religious education in Catholic primary schools.

What is the truth? How do I know it is true? What does the truth mean? How should I live? What kind of person can I become?

What kind of society should I help create? To what shall I commit myself? In other words, education enables students to decide what is true and what kind of human life it is good to lead. It does so Essay catholic school education helping them to acquire intellectual, moral and religious virtues that enhance their own lives and those of their friends and communities.

Education fosters the maturity of pupils in a way that embraces their physical, intellectual, affective, aesthetic, spiritual, moral and religious development throughout their lives. Religion Education fosters the personal development of students. Spirituality describes the way in which we pursue truth and goodness by relating to the reality of ourselves, other people, the universe and some source of value beyond and bigger than ourselves for example, God.

Spiritual development involves the ability to go beyond the conscious self in a movement towards other people, towards the world and towards this transcendent source.

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Religions offer a particular vision of human life and of the goals of human development. They aim to bring human beings to the fullness of humanity by opening them up to the transcendent.

They address the issue of human significance through challenging people with questions of meaning. In addition, religions offer an ideal of conduct and character to which people may aspire. They redefine what counts as human flourishing or development, often inviting adherents to engage in practices such as fasting, self-sacrifice, reflection and prayer as an integral part of human living.

For instance, the Christian follower of Jesus is invited to live in a way that may not lead to the kind of success which the world espouses. It will however lead to true happiness and fulfilment with God, both in this world and in the next.

Essay catholic school education

Religious education Religious education brings religion and education together. It is the educational process by which people are invited to explore the human religious traditions that protect and illuminate the transcendent dimension of their lives.

Religious education is a lifelong process and can occur in many different contexts such as the family, the community and the school. Religious education can be examined from two perspectives, which are outlined below.

First, religious education invites people to acquire the knowledge, forms of knowing, attitudes, values, skills and sensibilities that being religious involves. This is an integral part of human development. The goal is a heightened awareness of the presence of the Transcendent in human life.

Religious education enables students to develop religious modes of thinking, feeling and doing which touch on the transcendent dimension of their lives through the resources and practices of religious traditions. This process should lead to both personal and social transformation.

From this first perspective, the study of religion involves helping students to respond to transcendence by becoming that which religious ways of thinking, feeling and doing enable them to become, namely fully human.

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The second perspective from which one can examine religious education concerns the need to teach people to think critically about religion. This need stems from the fact that people ought to be free to accept or reject what is taught in religion. Human beings are fundamentally free; they are invited to explore religion, but cannot be coerced into it.

Critical religious education enables people to liberate themselves from the conditioning that prevents them from making choices in religion which are both free and consistent.The Importance of Latin in Catholic Schools Essay.

Andrew Coder Roman Drama Dr. Sherry 12/13/14 The Importance of Latin in Catholic Schools Latin should be very prominent in the education of every student in a Catholic school in America. Jun 05,  · I was lucky enough to get a religious education at a Catholic school.

Learning my faith in my youth will help me to be a kinder person, a more devout Christian and I . Value of a Pre-Kindergarte n through 8 Catholic Education. St. Mary Catholic School teachers are dedicated to offering the highest level of academic excellence possible to each student in their care.

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