Jose parla and his work

The Cuban-American artist's murals and large-scale mixed media works have been praised for their astonishing juxtapositions of color and form And what was chosen to greet visitors as they enter? A mural -- not about the attacks, but about moving forward. It's a mural about resilience.

Jose parla and his work

Can you describe the Miami you remember as a kid?


How do your experiences there influence your practice today? Miami was crazy when I was a kid. I grew up in a mainly black and Cuban neighborhood in South Miami, going to public schools, when I was introduced to hip-hop culture. I started painting walls and breakdancing at the age of nine and took the culture with me everywhere I went.

During those times I was painting walls not only in my neighborhood, but all over the Miami. It was a dangerous city growing up and you had to watch your back constantly.

Crime and drugs were everywhere, so having art as an outlet saved me.

Jose parla and his work

I painted with the best artists of my generation—all members of distinguished crews. There was a tremendous spirit of competition and collaboration at the same time.

My memories and documentation of this era of my life are very important to me. After all, calligraphy, writing, documenting is the basis for civilization, so a transformation that maintained the integrity of the unwritten rules of a phenomenon like what became known as graffiti art, to me was important to reflect its true ethos and visual language.

How would you describe your Miami now? Living in Brooklyn, what do you miss most about your hometown? It is possibly safer than I remember, and there is a much bigger art community than when I was a kid in terms of visibility.

Art was always being created in Miami, but it was more of an underground community that also existed through the club and music scenes. I miss my family, the Cuban and Latin cultures at large, the food, the weather, beaches, and seeing the big open skies.

Straight from the plane, where are the first places you head when you visit Miami—places to eat, drink, see art? During early December of course Art Basel and all the satellite programs. Generally, what is your relationship with the fair and the art world takeover of Miami every December?

That night was perfect! The pop-up installation at the Standard Spa I created, titled Cafecito Neptuno, is filled with great memories as well. How crazy was that! The late hours of Cafecito Neptuno saw other legends drinking the secret rum recipe and eating Cuban sandwiches and pastries 24 hours a day for four straight days during Art Basel, so there were far too many great memories to tell all.

If you were there you know how it was. Generally speaking my relationship with the art fair and everything going on is more organic to me, I am a native artist of Miami. I am proud to see everyone going crazy having fun and bringing the world art community over to celebrate the city and all the artists involved.

What projects are you currently working on? I am also working on a solo exhibition in New York next year, as well as a curated project in Belgium for What shows are you looking forward to inMiami or elsewhere?Jose Parla (American, b) is a painter and historical transcriber who records his experiences using palimpsestic code and calligraphy.

Parla is also a visual raconteur who creates his work using backdrops, such as city walls marred from years of neglect, to tell the story of Nationality: United States. Nicola Vaccaj, Tiziana Severini, Maria Jose Trullu, Paula Almerares, Armando Ariostini, Enrico Turco, Elena Marinangeli Dano Raffanti - Vaccaj - Giulietta e Romeo / Trullu · Almerares · Raffanti · Ariostini · Turco · Marinangeli · Severani - Music.

His work is characterized by exuberant compositions that feature multilayered viscous surfaces and overlapping arcs of script. Amistad América is Parlá’s most ambitious project to date. It is comprised of typical strata, including variegated collage, dense pigments, and calligraphic strokes.

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Jose parla and his work

Back. and what's happening as if it was a diary," says Cuban-American artist José Parlá of his work. Jose Parla at work in his Brooklyn studio Founded: Sep 18,

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