Moringa business plan

Do you need to write a Moringa plantation business plan? But what many of us might not know is that we could actually make hundreds of thousands of Naira growing Moringa.

Moringa business plan

The quality standards and verification, such as testing and certification of nutritional facts and shelf life of the products, has been done by Kenya Bureau of Standards and KEBS. The privileged of additional research and development will be done by injecting more funds in the production process, and more efficient techniques could be adopted in quality and shelf presentation and thereby eliminate the inferiority concept associated with Moringa products could be greatly achieved by governments assistance through provision of market incentives and concessions.

Its abundance is number one factor that will make this business very successful.


Apart from the overflowing supply that grows everywhere and the hectare land donated by members, we will encourage every neighbor and all small farmers around the area to plant and produce Moringa for their moringa business plan income.

Moringa is a year round production tree and sticking a branch to the ground anywhere, will surely grow and produce healthy green foliage with healthy flowers and pods without the need of pesticides and insecticides.

The initial target market is the feeding programs moringa business plan malnutrition in local schools, rehabilitation Centres and orphanages in the entire provinces of Western Kenya region which is composed of 2 Provinces and 35 Municipalities.

The feeding programs involve all Districts and Schools and Nyanza Province has a total of 1, Schools.

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The anticipated figures apply only in the district of Nyanza Province. Western Kenya region has with a total of 50 districts.

The region alone will be a vast market and a great responsibility. The already proven nutrition of Moringa leaves had been used for feeding for years and mixed in rice and other ingredients for porridges to the young children.

On the other hand, Moringa dried leaves is ten times more nutritious than the fresh leaves, and if taken in powdered form, it tastes more delicious. These competitors could somehow compliment our Moringa food supplement in capsule form, but not its extremely low prices. Supplying a region wide daily feeding activity program will definitely make the business expand and will make the production process larger.

moringa business plan

Therefore, finance and manpower will also need more attention. Raw materials will never be a problem since raw materials are everywhere. Speaking of big production to supply a country wide item for daily consumption is another thing especially when machines being used are not capable for big production.

The very first of its kind ever introduced for business in the Kenyan market. Number two selling point is it is already proven of its well known multi-nutrients that no other fruits or vegetables can ever have.

Its rare powers of medicinal properties and enormous vitamins will not be compared to any nutritious fruit or vegetable that one needs to combine all their nutrients, to equal wonders and energy giving properties.

It is like growing vitamins at your doorstep. Through close supervision in our target market, cooperation and proper contact on the targeted market groups by each member of the company, voluntary labour and support and the rich supply of raw materials will definitely make our goals come true.

These distributions of supply for feeding activities will be delivered at schools, county council or city halls. Supply for two weeks will be delivered and distributed in advance for feeding activities. Cheque payments on delivered Moringa flour will be picked up from the contracted institutions one three days after delivery of the product.

Currently and in a small scale, we are supplying Help Age Kenya with 2,kg per week and 4,kg to the local supermarkets Yatin and Ukwala respectively on a weekly basis. Betty Tom -Head of production and in charge of the factory and product development.

Bernard Ochieng -in charge in office management and team cooperation. Violet Awuonda - IT; in charge of product label and designs.

Three manual laborer s and one messenger. The Moringa project is a masterpiece of the organization.

moringa business plan

The members are already determined to have their roles, ties and commitment with the business. Copycat is the number one risk that any businessman should be aware of.

One has to be cautious of showing and talking of how the business or the production goes. Measures to Counteract the Risks Business secrecy is a must. Confidentiality must be the number one rule of the company. Because even if the product had already been patented, copyrighted and trademarked for its legal rights and protection, nobody can prevent anyone else to pirate or imitate the product.

They should be planted in high places where water would not stay stagnant. Seedlings placed in plastic bags for propagation and substitute for destroyed and damage trees after turbulent weathers should always be ready. Someone should always be in the area of plantation in watch for strayed cattle which can spoil the plants.BUSINESS PLAN Moringa Oleifera Nutritional Supplement August 18, John Aoko Odeyo Twenyo Building Near Rabuor Market Kisumu Kenya Phone: .

BUSINESS PLAN Moringa Oleifera Nutritional Supplement August 18, John Aoko Odeyo Twenyo Building Near Rabuor Market Kisumu. must be seen as an introduction to the business plan development for potential Moringa projects in Africa.

This is an introduction to the services that we . Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in . DEVELOPMENT: MORINGA Business Plan developmen ยท 3 | P a g e Overview of Moringa Moringa oleifera Lam.

belongs to a monogeneric family of shrubs and trees, Moringaceae. M. oleifera is cultivated throughout the MORINGA FROM ZIJA INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PAYMENT CALENDAR EXPLAINED. Moringa is a year round production tree and sticking a branch to the ground anywhere, will surely grow and produce healthy green foliage with healthy flowers .

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