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We should not hurry, we should not be impatient, but we should confidently obey the eternal rhythm. An invisible and all-powerful enemy—some call him God, others the Devil, seem to rush upon us to destroy us; but we are not destroyed. Only death is not.

Quotes for zorba the greek

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The story is filled with memorable quotes: And is a man not stupid? Wife, children, house, everything.

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I know because a very wise old Turk told me. Why do the young die? Why does anybody die? What's the use of all your damn books if they can't answer that? They tell me about the agony of men who can't answer questions like yours.

Zorba the Greek [Βίος και Πολιτεία του Αλέξη Ζορμπά, literally meaning Life and Politics of Alexis Zorepa] () is a novel written by Nikos Kazantzakis. In it a young Greek intellectual, the narrator, is writing a manuscript about the Buddha. Feb 10,  · all over the map (but mostly ashio-midori.com) Wednesday, February 28, The Zorba the Greek Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you.

I spit on this agony! These are all screenplay quotes; I have to admit that my fondness for the film kept me from reading the book. No copy of the Greek first edition features in auction records for the last 35 years, though other editions have been sold.

Why the big price? The book had belonged to Marilyn Monroe. Please read our privacy policy before submitting data on this web site. Submission of data is acknowledgement of acceptance of our privacy policy.Nov 16,  · Favorite Quotes: Black Elk Speaks – Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux (as told through John G.

Neihardt) – Zorba the Greek (Nikos Kazantzakis.

Quotes for zorba the greek

Pic of the Week. Favorite Lyrics. Youtube Recommendations – Film/Cinema/Movies . Early in the novel Zorba the Greek, the narrator is approached by a “loose nit” stranger with an “eager gaze, his eyes, ironical and full of fire.” Within seconds of their meeting, Zorba asks the narrator to take him with him on his journey.

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Alexis Zorba: God has a very big heart but there is one sin he will not forgive. [slaps table] [slaps table] Alexis Zorba: If a woman calls a man to her bed and he will not go.

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Jan 18,  · Quotes: Zorba the Greek and Nikos Kazantzakis “Every man has his folly, but the greatest folly of all, in my view, is not to have one.” ― Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek.

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