The glockenspiel essay

Writing for any instrument requires a composer or arranger to know the instrument's properties, such as: Bach experimented with a variety of instrumental groups throughout his composing life.

The glockenspiel essay

Range[ edit ] The glockenspiel is limited to the upper registerand usually covers about two and a half to three octavesbut can also reach up to three and a half octaves.

The glockenspiel is a transposing instrument ; its parts are written two octaves below the sounding notes. When struck, the bars give a very pure, bell-like sound.

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Positioning of Glockenspiels[ edit ] A Mardi Gras musician playing a glockenspiel. When used in a marching or military band, the bars are sometimes mounted in a portable case and held vertically, sometimes in a lyre -shaped frame. However, sometimes the bars are held horizontally using a harness similar to a marching snare harness.

In orchestral use, the bars are mounted horizontally.

The glockenspiel essay

Mallets[ edit ] A pair of hard, unwrapped malletsgenerally with heads made of plastic or metal, are used to strike the bars, although mallet heads can also be made of rubber though using too-soft rubber can result in a dull sound.

If laid out horizontally, a keyboard glockenspiel may be contrived by adding a keyboard to the instrument to facilitate playing chords. Another method of playing chords is to use four mallets, two per hand. Use in popular music[ edit ] Glockenspiels are quite popular and appear in almost all genres of music ranging from hip-hop to jazz.A 5-acre park in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Esther Short is the oldest public square in the state of Washington.

Today the park contains a clock tower, gazebo, large picnic shelter/stage, playground, rose garden, walking paths and seasonal water feature. A pitched percussion instrument is a percussion instrument used to produce musical notes of one or more pitches, as opposed to an unpitched percussion instrument which is .

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Melodiya has dug deep into its vaults and produced a collection of Shostakovich treasures by an assortment of Russian conductors that provide an informative and entertaining cross-section of both concert and studio recordings from the s, '70s, and '80s.

Essay Brass Bands: A Decline in Popularity - The United States currently has numerous genres of instrumental music, but perhaps the least recognized of these is the brass band.

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