Victory in christ

What is, "Victory in Christ Jesus? Others are teaching that victory is a matter of preaching the gospel into new areas, and that is it.

Victory in christ

Sin in the life of a Christian has three terrible results: It dishonours the name of the Lord Jesus. If you are a Christian, you represent the Lord Jesus. When you yield to sin, you bring dishonour to His name.

It robs you of your joy and power. As long as you are yielding to sin, God will not use you. It destroys your Christian testimony. Other people judge your Christian witness, not so much by what you say, but by the way you live day by day.

Right now, by your life, you are saying one of two things to other people. You are saying, "The Christian life works!

Victory In Christ

Do you see why it is so important for you to be a victorious Christian? What is the Victorious Life? When we speak of "the victorious life" we are not speaking of a life without temptation or a life of sinless perfection. It is not possible for a person to have such a transaction with the Lord as to enable him to say, "I am without sin," or "I can never sin again.

The victorious life is a life of peace and joy in the Lord.

Sermo cum Deus Omnipotens For I have the desire to do what is right, but not the ability to carry it out.

It is a life of constant fellowship with the Lord. It is a life of victory over sins—even the so called "little sins," such as temper, fault-finding, irritability, complaining, lack of love, envy, jealousy, unkind words, wrong thoughts, worry, anxiety.

The victorious life is a life that glorifies the Lord Jesus—the only kind of life that glorifies Him. Who can have this kind of life? It is for you! The victorious life is not for just a few, special Christians. It is presented in the New Testament as the normal Christian life.

God has made provision for every Christian to live this kind of life. Victory is A Gift The first thing we want to see about the life of victory is that it is a gift.

Just as eternal life is a gift, so the victorious life is also a gift.Vs. Mainly, this passage shows us the defeat of Satan and the victory of Christ!This can be applied to sin, disease, pride, spiritualism, or as it evidently means, spiritual warfare-a template on how Satan and evil seek to operate, a plan of the enemy.

So if your a part of Victory, PLEASE take a minute and update your families' current information: Names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, and children's names and ages. Nov 18,  · The Victory of Christ. FR. GABRIELE AMORTH 💝The Victory of Christ over Sin and Death💝 The Incarnation and the Resurrection.

I wish to clarify some fundamental truths regarding our Faith and the complex theme of evil spells. The victory consists in the defeat of death by the Resurrection, and the forgiveness of sin through Christ's atone-merit, and the nailing to his cross of the torn and abrogated Law which made us slaves to sin and death (Colossians ).

Victory is a place of Love, Acceptance, & Forgiveness. Victory is non-denominational church in Tulsa Oklahoma that believes in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, passionate worship, community, and outreach.

Victory’s focus is reaching out to the lost and equipping the church to become like Christ in this world. Victory in Christ was exactly what I needed for more understanding of the Victorious Life.

Christ in me, him in charge and me surrendered. Trusting in surrender and not trying to surrender. If you are looking for a fresh encouragment in surrendering fully to Jesus this is a must read. You will be thankful that you did/5(55).

Victory in christ
1 Corinthians But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!