Write a division expression as a fraction

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Write a division expression as a fraction

Please read our Privacy Policy. One way to think of a fraction is as a division that hasn't been done yet. Why do we even use fractions? Why don't we just divide the two numbers and use the decimal instead?

In this day of cheap calculators, that's a very good question. Fractions were invented long before decimal numbers, as a way of showing portions less than 1, and they're still hanging around.

They're used in cooking, in building, in sewing, in the stock market - they're everywhere, and we need to understand them. Just to review, the number above the bar is called the numerator, and the number below the bar is called the denominator.

We can read this fraction as three-fourths, three over four, or three divided by four. Every fraction can be converted to a decimal by dividing.

Main Lesson: Writing Simple Expressions

If you use the calculator to divide 3 by 4, you'll find that it is equal to 0. Here are some other fractions and their decimal equivalents. Remember, you can find the decimal equivalent of any fraction by dividing.

Here are some terms that are very important when working with fractions. Proper fraction When the numerator is less than the denominator, we call the expression a proper fraction. These are some examples of proper fractions. Improper fraction An improper fraction occurs when the numerator is greater than or equal to the denominator.

These are some examples of improper fractions: Mixed number When an expression consists of a whole number and a proper fraction, we call it a mixed number.

Here are some examples of mixed numbers: We can convert a mixed number to an improper fraction. First, multiply the whole number by the denominator of the fraction. Then, add the numerator of the fraction to the product.

Finally, write the sum over the original denominator.

Partial Fractions

In this example, since three thirds is a whole, the whole number 1 is three thirds plus one more third, which equals four thirds. Equivalent fractions There are many ways to write a fraction of a whole.

Fractions that represent the same number are called equivalent fractions. This is basically the same thing as equal ratios. To find out if two fractions are equivalent, use a calculator and divide.

If the answer is the same, then they are equivalent. Reciprocal When the product of two fractions equals 1, the fractions are reciprocals. Every nonzero fraction has a reciprocal.

It's easy to determine the reciprocal of a fraction since all you have to do is switch the numerator and denominator--just turn the fraction over.

Here's how to find the reciprocal of three-fourths.

To find the reciprocal of a whole number, just put 1 over the whole number.Lesson 1: Interpreting Division of a Fraction by a Whole Number—Visual Models 1 Lesson 1 •2 6 Name Date Lesson 1: Interpreting Division of a Fraction by a Whole Number—Visual Models Exit Ticket Write an equivalent multiplication expression.

Simplify any Algebraic Expression If you have some tough algebraic expression to simplify, this page will try everything this web site knows to simplify it. No promises, but, the site will try everything it has. Warm Up. The lesson on order of operations rules explains how the location of each number, operation sign, and grouping symbol in an expression can make a big difference in how the expression is evaluated.

In this lesson, you will practice writing simple expressions. Not only are the rules for the order of operations important, but you will also need to remember your basic math .

write a division expression as a fraction

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When you seek assistance on complex numbers or maybe precalculus i, ashio-midori.com is undoubtedly the right destination to check out! That is, the fraction bar and the division symbol mean the same thing. Sal shows how a/b and a÷b are equivalent. That is, the fraction bar and the division symbol mean the same thing.

Understanding fractions as division.

write a division expression as a fraction

Creating a fraction through division. Practice: Fractions as division. Next tutorial. Dividing unit fractions and . Look at the numerator and denominator of the given fraction. Write a list of common factors that divide into both the numerator and denominator evenly, to find an equivalent fraction in a .

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